Comprehensive Digital Solutions
for Small Business Benefits

Automated Group

Custom Benefits Administration Software

Web-Based Carrier Applications

Automated Group Quoting

GroupQuote instantly generates ACA small group proposals. Select plans and create customized proposal outputs for a seamless client presentation experience.

Instantly Quote Plans
and Rates

Customize Proposals
for Clients

Customize Plan

Existing Quotes

Filter Plans by

Enter Current and
Renewal Info

Display Percentage
Increases in Plans

Simplified Plan
Benefit Summaries

Employer Contribution

Customize Default
Plan Options

Custom Benefits Administration Software

Our approach to Ben-Admin Software focuses on giving our clients control over their digital solutions. Brokers have access to a customizable platform designed specifically for small group benefits with trusted carrier partners, direct EDI/API data feeds, simplified reporting, etc.

Enroll New Hires

Compare and
Select Plans

Review Coverage
Status for Employees

Monitor Employee 
Enrollment Status

Customize Employer
Contribution Levels

Monitor and Approve
Mid-Year Changes

View Custom

Web-Based Carrier Applications

MasterApp provides a web-based solution to consolidate carrier master applications and eliminate the paperwork involved in the process.



We provide the most effective benefits technology for our members, brokers, and carrier partners in the individual and small group market.




Ideas formulated in our company will be sown in soil enriched with consistent and effective system integrity, which we will communicate transparently with our clients.


We will protect the integrity of data within our systems with continual weeding out of security and infrastructure weaknesses.


We will provide individualized support for all our clients, as well as personalized opportunities for growth for all who work here.


Every idea planted in the soil of our company will be maintained in a way that allows for it to be replanted, when necessary, in order to anticipate pivotal changes in the market.


We will recognize the direction technology is growing, how it will need to develop, and prune to adapt to the course of the future.

Andrew Forbes



An eight year “veteran” of the employee benefits space, Andrew has worked directly with brokers and carriers to provide support from the initial proposal to mid-year service to renewal after renewal. He has served on advisory committees for vendors and partners in this space and taught several continuing education courses on how to utilize technology well. Since 2016, he has focused specifically on building internal teams and resources to help modernize the digital options available to Health and Life Insurance advisors. He has a passion to help insurance advisors find the easiest to use, comprehensive digital resources to serve their clients well while also optimizing their internal processes.

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